Tour de France 2018

Tour de France 2018 videos

We took our new Swift Bessacarr 597 to see 5 stages of the Tour de France cycle race. The following videos show the race passing our position on Stages 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. There is also a video showing the ‘caravan’ passing us on Stage 6.

STAGE 5 – Lorient to Quimper

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STAGE 6 – Brest to Mur de Bretagne

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STAGE 7 – Fougeres to Chartres

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STAGE 8 – Dreux to Amiens Métropole

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STAGE 9 – Arras Citadelle to Roubaix

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STAGE 6 – The Caravan
All of the Grand Tours have a publicity caravan but The Tour de France caravan is definitely the most spectacular. The vehicle parade of the 2018 Tour de France had almost 170 vehicles. You’ll see them coming past before the riders and they pelt the crowd with little keepsakes and a great tip is to cheer and shout louder than anyone else when your favourite brand zooms past. They might just spot/hear you and attempt to send something in your direction. However there is no guarantee you’ll receive the item as their throw, the item’s surface area, that sudden gust of wind and the 8 year old child with lighting reactions stood next to you can all conspire against you. 

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