Happy 10th Birthday Louis…

In life you make good decisions and bad decisions, and, if you are lucky, you make a few great decisions. One of my great decisions was, in 2007, to buy a motorhome, and in particular the McLouis Tandy 366G.

Following a long period of caravan ownership from 1979 to 1996 it was always a dream / ambition that on the day I retired we would buy a motorhome and tour Europe to take in the sights and sample the diverse cultures and their food and wine. Did I mention the food and wine?

In 2007 my Navigator was taken ill and admitted to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham for tests, and, unrelated to the condition that was under investigation, cancer was detected in her left kidney. Two months later after recovering from her initial illness she was strong enough to undergo the operation to remove her kidney at the City Hospital in Nottingham which was a success. Given the very fortunate discovery of this potentially fatal condition at the age of 53, we decided to go ahead and purchase the van and not wait another 12 years for retirement.

And that is why we came to purchase our van in June 2007. It should be noted that we also looked at a few canal boats as we lived close to the River Soar and the Trent & Mersey canal at this time, but the freedom to travel further afield with a motorhome won the day.

In its 10 years the van has journeyed 56,000 miles all over the UK and Europe and never put a foot/wheel wrong mechanically in all that time. It has kept us warm in the winter…

Mablethorpe of all places...
Mablethorpe of all places…

and cool in the summer, even when it got to 35 degrees in the south of France.

Near St Tropez
Near St Tropez
McLouis all shiny and new in 2007
McLouis all shiny and new in 2007
McLouis all shiny and new in 2007
McLouis all shiny and new in 2007

You can read more about Louis the McLouis HERE.

Here’s to the next 10 years…


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