After a few days exploring Trier in Germany, we set off to follow the Moselle towards Luxembourg. The striking thing to me about crossing the border into Luxembourg was the number of petrol stations lined up beside the road on both sides. Petrol and diesel are both considerably cheaper than in neighbouring Germany and it was noticeable that most of the vehicles filling up had German registration plates.

Continuing down the north bank of the river Remich was the first stop. Not much of a town but it did have a large car park on the riverside which allowed a walk about. The river can flood here and there were many pictures of the streets and buildings under water. Remich also the base for huge ‘party boats’ that cruise the river during the afternoon and at night when you can hear the boat before you see it!

We spent two nights in a campsite in a marina a few miles south of Remich to service the van (1st picture above). In driving to this site we passed a riverside lay-by which caught my eye so I went back to it to see if we could get a space beside the river and after a small wait for someone to move off we managed to park for a few days watching the river traffic go past. 

Luxembourg Marina near Remich


Luxembourg near Remich


An elderly German couple invited us into the new Hymer you see in the above picture with the satellite dish. He was so proud of his home from home. Everything was state of the art and push button. Amazing the conversations you can have with someone where both of you don’t speak a word of the other’s language!


Luxembourg near Remich


Luxembourg near Remich


Luxembourg impressed me as a destination and would love to go back and see more of the country.

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