We stayed in Italy for a few days to visit Monaco and Nice. VENTIMIGLIA is just over the French border and only a short journey back into Monaco and Nice by train. The family owned camp site here is maybe not the most modern, but what it lacks in that department it more than overcomes in service and friendliness. Someone from reception will drive you (for 2.50 Euro each, each way) to the railway station at Menton Garavan back over the border in France for the train to Monaco, Nice or Cannes. Opposite the campsite was the village supermarket and it was a must place to visit. Amazing range of cheap, but good quality, food and wine.

This station is the first in France for trains coming from Italy and in 2015 every train was stopped and boarded here to search for illegal immigrants. Any found are taken off the train and arrested.
Spectacular views of the coast road


Campsite beach is not the best


MONACO was the first destination to visit and it did not disappoint. Incredible wealth on display everywhere you looked, in shops, the cars on the roads, the buildings and the super-yachts in the harbour.

Hotel de Paris, Monaco


The Casino, Monaco


The super-yachts in Monaco


Monaco harbour & marina

The next day we visited NICE by train and that description is on the French page.

The 163km drive hugging the coast towards GENOA, was, in hindsight, a tad ambitious on a sunny, very hot Saturday as it seemed anyone who had any form of transport in the hinterland had headed for the beach resorts. Google Maps estimated less than 2 hours journey time which was only out by about 6 hours! We passed through some lovely beach resort towns and if time had permitted it would have been good to stop at a few. Genoa is a massive port city, but looked very interesting, and again would merit a stop to investigate some other time. We had nothing booked for this night and had great difficulty finding somewhere to stay, eventually finding a less than brilliant Aire.


Right beside main road!


A tight fit but little other choice

Sunday was another long drive through the mountains that ring Genoa then on to north west of Lake Como. Milan was safely circumnavigated and then on to Lecco and up the east side of Lake Como, round the northern tip and down the west side to DONGO where a lakeside campsite was pre-booked for 2 nights. It was still 35 degrees even though we were ringed by snow capped mountains.

The walk to the lakeside


Campsite beach looking north


Campsite beach looking south


Looking north

Lake Como is incredibly beautiful and this was a perfect campsite to stay on. Clean and well run, but the lakeside situation was perfect for a relaxing stopover.

Within walking distance was the town pier where the scheduled lake steamers called in so we took the opportunity to take a cruise down to the small city of Como. The boats criss-crosses  the lake stopping at every town and village that has a pier, as it is very much used by the locals as well as tourists. As Dongo is one of the last stops at the northern tip of the lake, the sail south to Como gives you the opportunity, down and up, to see the great views all around.

Lake Como view


Lake Como view


Lake Como view


Approaching Como

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