2017 / 2018 PLAN

Yes there is a plan – at last!

In June / July 2015 we took off on a round Europe trip which lasted 9 weeks and took in 9 countries in total, in order, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium. This was by far the longest time spent in the van in the 10 years we’ve had it, and, it sowed the seed to do something similar, if not better in the future.

Previously I had been working as the Visitor Centre Manager at an NTS property in Argyll, and, as this was a seasonal position (April to November) I could not take 2 months off in the height of the season so I retired at the end of the 2014 season to make the trip the following year. My Navigator used up accrued holidays and leave of absence as she wanted to continue working in the part time job she had, and her employer agreed to this arrangement.

This trip left a fantastic impression on us and the hope was to do something similar in the future. Well the future is here and the decision made for The Navigator to retire on the 28th of August 2017, and for us to set off in late September to spend 6 months touring France, Spain and Portugal with maybe Andorra thrown in as a bonus.

The van was upgraded in 2014/2015 for the 9 week trip (Gaslow) and more improvements have happened since (Solar Panel) and the one main improvement I have made before setting off this year is to install another 12v Leisure Battery to boost the 12v capacity. New brakes have been fitted along with 2 new front tyres (MOT advisory) and the van passed the MOT in early August.

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