…we were hoping for great weather on our nine week journey around Europe in 2015 and, apart from a few odd days, the weather was superb.

When it is 35 degrees for days and weeks on end you do not want to be cooking inside a motorhome so it was decided that an investment in a good quality gas BBQ would be needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love all the faff, mess, waiting around, smoke, smell and all that goes with a charcoal BBQ. They’re all part of the fun, and if you get it right then charcoal still produces the most perfect barbecued food. But then there’s the convenience aspect of using gas, instant temperature and less mess afterwards.

After a lot of research online, one brand stood out as perfect for the job in hand and that was a CADAC. The Cadac Safari Chef BBQ is versatile and allows you to cook
– on a wire grill for the full BBQ effect.
– on a ribbed metal plate to grill meat perfectly.
– on the plain reverse of the metal plate to fry eggs if needed.
– in the lid which can act as a wok.

Again thinking of use on the continent we bought a Camping Gaz cylinder which can be readily exchanged both in the UK and abroad.


This portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing less than 4kg, includes four interchangeable cooking surfaces. 

These are the pot stand, the BBQ top, the non-stick flat griddle and the pot (also used as a dome). 

These all pack into a convenient carry bag. 

There are many other accessories for the Cadac including a pizza stone, paella pan or a roasting grill.


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