Following my purchase of the Heuwei E5330 Mobile Wi-Fi device I initially bought an Asda sim to use it for the first time which was cheap and cheerful but had limitations.

After lots of research, Giffgaff came to the fore and it ticked a lot of boxes for me…
– It uses the O2 network and as my mobile is on Vodafone it gives another option to get on the Internet.
– Giffgaff does not tie you to a contract. This sim was for a device to be used mostly on my travels in the motorhome so if there is a month I’m not out and about there is no need to pay for that month.

– You can download an Android or IPhone app from Giffgaff which gives you all the info you need,
— Date the sim expires.
— How much you have used and how much is left.
— The ability to top up quickly via the app.

Because I was looking for a sim for the Huewai and not my phone I did not need a calls or text allowance, just the DATA allowance which Giffgaff provide.
At the time of writing (June 2017) the DATA ONLY rates are as follows,
500mb of data in the month = £ 5.00
1gb of data in the month = £ 7.50

You can of course use a “normal” sim and simply not use the texts and calls allowance.
At the time of writing (June 2017) the sim costs are as follows,
100mb of data in the month = £ 5.00 + some calls and texts.
750mb of data in the month = £ 7.50 + some calls and texts.
2GB of data in the month = £ 10.00 + some calls and texts.
3GB of data in the month = £ 12.00 + some calls and texts.
5GB of data in the month = £ 15.00 + some calls and texts.
6GB of data in the month = £ 18.00 + some calls and texts.
Always on data in the month = £ 20.00 + some calls and texts.

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