… the preparation for the 9 week round Europe holiday in May/June 2016 involved researching for a solution to the replenishment of the gas cylinders. Although the gas was not to be used for heating (hopefully), it would still be required for hot water for dish washing and showers when ‘wild camping.’

The van locker contained two Calor Gas cylinders of 15kg and 7kg, which work ok in this country, but could not be swapped abroad. To me there is only one advantage of having Calor in the UK and that is the ease of finding a dealer or campsite that stocks the range of cylinders.

That said, there are more downsides to using Calor.
First is the increasing replacement cost, £ 33.75 and £ 21.99 respectively at November 2016 prices.

Second is weight. Even an empty cylinder weighs a ton and a full one is a strain on the back when lifting it into the van locker.

Third is the faff of unscrewing it and re-connecting the hoses every time a cylinder is replaced.

The solution to all of these issues was to have a Gaslow system fitted. I will tackle many DIY projects in the van and house, but with gas fittings, that is best left to the experts so we had the system fitted at Knowepark Caravans at Livingston, near Edinburgh. (01506 411827) who did a great job in half a day, even transferring the gas from the Calor cylinders into the new Gaslow ones, which are 11kg and 6kg. The smaller one is hardly used as once I see the gauge on the 11kg cylinder in the red, I refill it at the first petrol station I am passing.

The cost was £ 500 but the benefits far far outweigh this initial cost.
This diagram below will help explain how it all works.
– Each cylinder has a gauge which shows the fill level of each tank which is a handy feature not readily available with Calor.
– The cylinders, once fitted do not need to be lifted out again. No more heavy lifting.
– The blue filler kit attaches to the side of the van next to the gas locker door so when you go to a petrol station to fill up you only unscrew the white cover and attach the pump hose.
– You don’t need to open the gas locker door when filling the tanks.
– The ‘system’ automatically tops up both tanks.
– Its much cheaper – see the receipt below!

The continentals like to do things differently, so while the filling procedure is the same, as above, you do need to fit an adapter to the filler kit depending on which country you are in. 

There are currently four different LPG pump nozzle connections in use across Europe. By simply screwing on one of the three foreign filling adapters you can adapt the UK connection to enable you to fill anywhere in Europe and even further afield. I filled up twice on the continent in 9 weeks with no problems at all.
UK Bayonet 
This fitting is standard on all Gaslow Filler Kits – use in the UK and Holland.

01-4300: French/Italian Adapter
France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

01-4305: Euro/Spanish Adapter
Spain, Germany
01-4310: Euro Adapter
Germany, Ireland, USA, Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand.

As I mentioned above, the system cost £ 500 to install and I also mentioned that the current price is £ 33.75 to exchange a 15kg Calor cylinder. I filled the cylinders last week near Cumbernauld and I’ve scanned the receipt to let you see the cost. 16.43ltrs = £ 9.18. The saving over Calor is almost £ 25 per fill so 20 fills and the system is paid for!!

Filled in a few minutes with no heavy lifting!

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