Happy New Year from The Driver & The Navigator

Happy New Year from The Driver & The Navigator

Hi all

This is not your normal weekly Blog Post but a special edition to wish all our subscribers, and all who read this, a Happy New Year and very Best Wishes for 2018.

Normal service will be resumed next week on the 8th of January and so until then you will have a bumper two week read to look forward to. Can’t wait eh?

As you know I have been filming some of the memorable places we are visiting on our way around Europe so that when we are in the Care Home for Bewildered Motorhome Travellers, the nurse / carer can put these on a loop for us to watch over and over and over…

Over the past 3 months I became further and further behind editing the videos as we were either on the move or out exploring the new places we were visiting. Now that we have been on the one site since the 8th of December I have managed to catch up, and below you will find the complete list of videos to date, all 41 of them!

Everyone claims the telly (TV for overseas readers) is rubbish and full of repeats at this time of year and not worth the license fee, so, here is a free collection of videos to keep you entertained of a cold winters evening…

The videos only last 123 seconds and hopefully they may inspire you to visit one of these coastal resorts, towns or cities, or, they may inspire you to get your motorhome off your driveway and buy a ferry ticket (Mr & Mrs Bywater!) and head for sunnier climes, or, you may just want to see some blue skies and sunshine after a tough winter back in the UK.

I asked The Navigator to pick her 5 favourite places and they are listed in the following table along with my top 5.

These were our 5 favourites for the blink of an eye as 2 seconds later there could well have been a different 5 chosen. They all have their own character and memories, and we would happily go back to every single one of the 41! It may not surprise you to know that since going online, Lourdes has been the most popular video by a huge margin.

San SebastianSan Sebastian
l'Aiguillon sur MerAudriene
La RochelleSt Malo

Click on the relevant 123 Seconds In Place Name to watch that video etc.

123 Seconds in Boroughbridge – Boroughbridge has a thriving High Street with inviting cafes, shops and pubs.
123 Seconds in Melton Mowbray – Melton Mowbray is a quintessential English market town.

123 Seconds in Fort Mahon Plage – Fort-Mahon-Plage is a coastal resort with a great beach in Picardy.
123 Seconds in Le Crotoy – Le Crotoy is a small fishing village on the Bay of the Somme in the north of France.
123 Seconds in St Valery sur Somme – St Valery sur Somme is a popular seaside resort and medieval town.
123 Seconds in Le Treport – Le Tréport lives to the rhythm of the sea with a fishing, commercial and yacht ports.
123 Seconds in St Valery en Caux – Saint-Valery-en-Caux is a harbour town on the coast of Upper Normandy.
123 Seconds in Fecamp – Fécamp stands in a dramatic location between cliffs along the Alabaster Coast.
123 Seconds in Honfleur (1) – Honfleur looks so utterly enchanting with a beautiful little 17th-century harbour.
123 Seconds in Honfleur (2) – Honfleur looks so utterly enchanting with a beautiful little 17th-century harbour.
123 Seconds in Deauville – Deauville is an internationally renowned resort that oozes style.
123 Seconds in Arromanches – Arromanches is closely linked with the liberation of Western Europe after D-Day.
123 Seconds in Mont St Michel – A magical island topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery.
123 Seconds in Le Vivier sur Mer – Le Vivier-sur-Mer is a small town in Brittany famous for mussels.
123 Seconds in St Malo (1) – Surrounded by ramparts, Saint Malo is a renowned seaside resort today.
123 Seconds in St Malo (2) – Surrounded by ramparts, Saint Malo is a renowned seaside resort today.
123 Seconds in Dinard – Pearl of the Emerald Coast, Dinard, is an elegant beach-side seaside resort.
123 Seconds in Dinan – City of Art and History, medieval Dinan majestically overhangs the Rance valley.
123 Seconds in Erquy & Pougescat – The cape of Erquy and its pink sandstone cliffs are the feature here.
123 Seconds in Cleder & Tregastel – Cléder is at the heart of the Golden Belt, a region famous for its vegetables,
123 Seconds in Audriene – Audierne’s main port and town centre makes it a popular leisure resort with visitors.
123 Seconds in Concarneau – The main draw in Concarneau is the quaint ville close (walled town).
123 Seconds in Trevignon – On the Trévignon headland stands an ancient fort. The small fishing port is pretty.
123 Seconds in Quiberon – Its rugged coastline makes the Quiberon Peninsula a popular tourist destination.
123 Seconds in Carnac – Carnac is known throughout the world for its unique rows of ancient standing stones.
123 Seconds in Vannes – The walled town of Vannes is without doubt one of Brittany’s most attractive sights.
123 Seconds in La Baule – The Bay at La Baule is one of the most beautiful in the world and the longest in Europe.
123 Seconds in Les Sables d’Olonne – Les Sables d’Olonne is a seaside town in Western France.
123 Seconds in L’Aiguillon sur Mer – l’Aiguillon is the mussel capital of France.
123 Seconds in La Rochelle – La Rochelle is a dynamic, welcoming and lively city with a maritime character.
123 Seconds in Royan – Royan became famous in the 19th century with the advent of sea bathing.
123 Seconds in Biarritz – Biarritz is known for its famous beaches, therapeutic water and a thriving surf scene.
123 Seconds in Lourdes – Lourdes into the second most important center of tourism in France.

123 Seconds in San Sebastian – San Sebastián or Donostia is a coastal city in the Basque Country, Spain.
123 Seconds in Tarragona – In this effervescent port city, Roman history collides with beaches, bars & good food.
123 Seconds in Cambrils – Cambrils is a quiet resort on the coast south of Barcelona and Tarragona.
123 Seconds in Peniscola – Peniscola is one of Spain’s most beautiful towns. Known as the City in the Sea.
123 Seconds in Valencia (1) – Valencia combines its past with the most innovative and buildings from this century.

123 Seconds in Valencia (2) – Valencia combines its past with the most innovative and buildings from this century.
123 Seconds in Moraira – Moraira is small coastal town in the beautiful north-eastern tip of the Costa Blanca.
123 Seconds in Benidorm – Benidorm offers a great beach and a vast array of entertainment.

123 Seconds in El Campello
123 Seconds in Alicante
123 Seconds in Alicante Castle
and who knows where after this… so stay tuned…

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year from The Driver & The Navigator

  • 1st January 2018 at 8:55 am

    Happy New Year to you both. (I’ve only just found this reply facility!).we hope Christmas went well for you. Many thanks for the thoughtful gifts; how well/organised you are.
    Keep the posts coming. They are much enjoyed and appreciated.
    Here’s to an amazing 2018 🎉

  • 1st January 2018 at 3:47 pm

    A very Happy New Year to you all from a dreich Tarbert, but it has stopped raining!
    Yesterday we had storm DYLAN which was pretty wild while it lasted. So it has been
    great this afternoon to see blue skies and even bluer seas watching your new ‘123’
    videos. Many thanks.

  • 2nd January 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Happy New Year folks,
    Haven’t looked through the videos yet but will do one of these cold damp nights. About to welcome(haha) yet another storm tonight seemingly. All the best for your continuing Odyssey.
    Linda and Charles x

  • 3rd January 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Happy New Year to you both,looks like you’re having a wonderful time.xx

  • 5th January 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Hello Angus. Very excited to get an email today about the new plog bost for weeks 13 and 14! Bitterly disappointed to find that it does not seem to exist on the website – boo hoo! Just a passing glitch I am sure but I thought I would let you know in case you had not realised.
    Thanks for all the work that goes in to your blog. I love reading your reports and watching the videos too. I know how much work these take and my own poor attempt is months behind and I have decided we can’t go away again until I have caught up!
    All the best to you both for the new year.
    Tim (crumblygappers)

    • 5th January 2018 at 6:53 pm

      Hi Tim – I wondered who the crumblygappers were and now I know.
      Apologies to you and all who received the errant e mail.
      It was human error – mine! I was updating the post today and pressed publish instead of save to drafts. I put it down to too much sun.
      Normal service will be resumed on Monday.
      Best wishes


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