Bonjour Mon Amis….

Bonjour Mon Amis….

Bonjour mon Amis, just a quick note to say we are now sur Le continent, a few hours earlier than planned, as we sailed (boom boom) down the M40/M25/M26/M20 and arrived in Dover 4 hours ahead of our planned sailing on the Thursday 00.50 am P & O crossing to Calais. Having declined the kind offer to pay an extra £60 to get the soon to depart next crossing, and, after quickly assessing they weren’t going to get anything extra from us at all, they relented and put us on the 23.15 at no extra charge.  You may wonder why we booked to cross at 1am, but it should be no surprise that, being a true budget conscious Scot, it is worth crossing late at night/early morning, as to sail at this ungodly hour is only £42.50 for the 2 of us and a 22ft van, where it would be up to £154.00 for an afternoon sailing! Messers Aldi and Lidl will no doubt be delighted with that saving as it will be invested in some of their finest plonk, tout de suite.

The keen observer will have noted the use of a few French phrases right away in this posting, and I’ve not even had a nibble of my first baguette yet. As we will be spending approximately 6 weeks meandering around the coastline and through the Pyrenees of France, I took the opportunity of brushing up on my rudimentary knowledge of the language by enrolling on the Del Boy School of French for Beginners, before setting off.

Here are just some of the phrases committed to memory which I am sure will serve us well in the weeks ahead…

a fait acopian – Del’s French for “don’t upset yourself”.
apres moi la deluge – French meaning, “when I’m dead, all others may die too”.
argent comptant – French from Cannes meaning, “brill”.
au contraire – French for “hang on a minute”
au revoir – French for “hello”.
au fait – Del likes using this but pronounces it “oh fate”.
bain marie – no problem.
boeuf a la mode – phrase similar to “you win some and lose some”
bonjour – French for “goodbye!”
bonnet de douche – French and impressive.
bon appetit – French for “I hope you choke on the potatoes”
Chateauneuf du Pape! – Reserved for an explosive situation.
chasse de forme – meaning, “the diamonds are good” in French.
conseil d’etat – He helps me, I help him as they say in Grenobles.
creme de la menthe – French for the “very best”
fromage frais! – Like Eureka! (when the penny has dropped)
je suis je reste – superb according to Del.
joie de vivre! – an exclamation that impresses or French for putting a bit of life back into your own life.
mais oui – no problem, my pleasure.
mange tout– my pleasure, variation like above.
menage a trois – an exclamation of surprise.
Moet Champagne– The only champagne Del knows, and prounces like poet champers.
moi – French and classy way of saying “me”.
Mon dieu!– exclamation implying, “you idiot”.
oeuf sur la plat – French for “it’s clear cut”.
oh mai oui, mon pleasure – French, sophisticated Del.
Pas de Calais – approving or divine.
Pate foie gras – French for liver sausage, goes well with Moet Champers.
Pot Pourri! – French for “I don’t believe it!”
plume de ma tante – expression of exasperation like “Gordon Bennett”.
polizia – Del can say police in more than one language.
rein a dire, rein a faire – Perplexing French Del picked up from Lordes.
raisse de chassie – more French Del picked up from Dieppe.
Revenons a nos moutonst – apparently a quote from the guv’nor of Bastille. French for ‘I’ve got to do something quick.’
servir frais mois non glace – French for “it could of been on the top floor”.
tel aviv – Del reckons the French use this for “you can never tell”.
tete de veau– Del reckons the French use this for “every ones a winner”.
tete-a-tete – A head to head meeting with drug barons.
tres bien ensemble – French for possessing a sense of occasion.
Vive la France– it’s what you say with respect to the American national anthem.
tres bien ensemble – French for possessing a sense of occasion.
Voila! – The French say it after T-cutting a square inch of the Capri Ghia, it’s a way of encouraging Rodney to finish the rest of the car off.

They don’t write them like that anymore…

PS – I have had a few issues with the system that is meant to send out an automatic e mail to you when I post a new Blog article. Put simply, it didn’t work!

Hopefully, with a new e mail system just added to the site that problem is behind us and you will be getting regular updates of our stately progress around Europe (we advanced 9.7 miles today).

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2 thoughts on “Bonjour Mon Amis….

  • 7th October 2017 at 9:55 am

    Top o’ the mornin’ from Forres near Elgin. A good read over breakfast. Enjoy France ,we will be over there in January, a country I lived in for many years. My wife and myself, are currently touring Scotland, in our old Kon Tiki , and have been doing so since the end of April. Look forward to your next email. Take care.


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